Kaftan's form the basis of our holiday attire May 11 2017

'Ask any seasoned, stylish holiday-maker what she always packs, and chances are a kaftan forms the basis of her covetable attire. It's the one democratic item that doesn't require you to be tall, thin or resemble Kate Moss in a way that, say, a string bikini might. Get it right, goes the thinking, and you could be laughing from the pool to the beach, out to the Greek ruins, all through lunch, possibly even to dinner. But the kaftan as a high-fashion item or something to be worn in the city? Not so much. That is, until now.

On social media, a stream of style influencers have done much to popularise the kaftan, heralding it as an indispensable item that has the power to take you through summer to autumn and beyond. A flimsy bit of fabric designed to be thrown over a bikini? Think again.'

But don't just take our word for it as these are the comments from British Vogue heralding the kaftan as indispensable part of our holiday wardrobe.